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Mr. Mutterer!! a community for Yuura fans
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Welcome to Mr. Mutterer, the first Yuura fan community!
Yuura is the bassist of the major oshare kei band Kra on the label PS Company.

Name: Yuura
Birthday: August 12, 1980
Place of Birth: Setagaya Tokyo
Blood Type: A
Height: 173cm (5'8")
Cigarette: Marlboro Menthol
Favorite Brand: The Lion Heart, GUCCI, Sexy Dynamite London
Favorite Colors: Black
Attraction: Cute smile... like a kid
Unattraction: A person with no hopes for future
Treasured item: Pass to September 11th

♫ Please join if you love/adore/like/admire Yuura - if not, you must be in the wrong place!
♪ Post only material related to Yuura or Kra.
♫ Be nice and respectful to each other, please - if any issues arise, please handle them away from here.
♪ Please do not spam! If you have many questions, please ask them all at once.
♫ Feel free to request anything you'd like - please keep in mind the rule above though.
♪ Please friends-lock all posts containing media, such as mp3s, video clips, scans, and such.
♫ Please use an LJ-cut for fanfics, fanart, and pictures(unless you are using a thumbnail) to keep things neat.
♪ Anything is allowed to be posted - fanfics, fanart, cosplays, and the like. However, if something is innappropriate, please label it with a warning!
♫ Optional: If you'd like, please go ahead and introduce yourself!

If anything is unclear or you have any questions, feel free to contact me here! ♥

Kra OHP ( http://pscompany.co.jp/kra/ )
Yuura's Official Blog ( http://ameblo.jp/kra-yura/ )
Kra Blog Translations ( kradiary )

Mai's Community ( electronmailman )
Yasuno's Community ( pinku_sama )
Kra Picture Sharing Community ( kra_daily )
Et cetera:

Layout and coding are by missshizuka, made specifically for Mr. Mutterer
Scans are from kra_fans provided by prince927, scanned by Berry
Images for the userinfo. are from kra_daily provided by the Kra Official Homepage, used without permission.